We're glad you asked! The Moon is a coaching platform that empowers people to achieve life-transforming results under the guidance of a coach and with the support of peers, or "teammates."

Why Use The Moon?

  • Bring the right information and people together in one place to achieve goals faster
  • Be held accountable to implement what you know you should do, but haven't yet
  • Create a life you love with a community of peers

The Moon's promise: help clients implement more things faster, thereby achieving exponentially greater results. When we know that others are watching, we are more likely to follow through on our commitments. 

The Basics

The people and teams of your coaching platform

A Moon coaching platform is comprised of the following people and groups:

👑  Platform owner

👩‍💻  Coaches / course creators

🙋  Clients

👥  Teams (mastermind / peer groups)

Here's how it works: An owner sets up a coaching platform, coaches create programs and assign actions to clients, and clients complete actions and report progress to their coaches and teams.

The pieces of your coaching platform

Here's a snapshot of what a typical Moon coaching platform looks like:


And here are the main components we'll break down for you, piece-by-piece:

  • actions
  • teammates
  • progress
  • programs
  • community


The Moon makes it clear what each client has to do today. All clients have a daily action list that might include a mix of program content, coaching assignments, and new habits they are trying to establish.

Programs appear directly on action lists as to-do items. When clicked, the program opens to display the videos, audios, and other media that were assigned that day.

All clients have control over their own lists, so they can modify, delete, and add actions as circumstances change. 

Tip: Actions can be one-time events—e.g., watching a training video—or they can repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. To add a new action, click the +. 


The group of people at the bottom of the actions list are the coaches and/or members who are on your accountability team. These "teammates" are able to view one another's detailed profiles, including actions, bios, and digital vision boards. 


Your mission is to support your teammates in achieving their goals, knowing that they are there to also support you. 

Teammate profile pictures display emojis, checkmarks, warnings, and other icons that indicate what they've been up to: 

😃 Emojis indicate how the person was feeling during his or her last check-in.

👋 A "raised hand" icon indicates that this person has a question or needs help.

⚠️ An exclamation means that this person hasn't posted any recent progress updates.

🗨️ A comment bubble means that a conversation is happening in the progress area.

✅ A checkmark indicates that the user has already supported that person today. 

Tip: Click on a picture to view a teammate's actions, progress, and vision board. 


Every community member has a progress tab for reporting their progress to coaches and teammates. Team members are encouraged to comment on one another's progress feeds and hold their teammates accountable to consistent action towards their goals. 

Click on a teammate's picture to view his or her progress and other details. 


You can like a post by clicking the heart, and comment on a post by clicking on the comment bubble.

The Moon system also posts a daily report to the Progress area. It shows actions completed, "stars" achieved, programs started / completed, and more. 

Update Your Own Progress

To update your own progress, click on the blue 'plus' (+), or click on your own profile picture. At the top of the progress page, select an emoji to indicate how you're feeling overall.  If you want to ask for help from teammates, click the hand icon.

Then write a quick progress note, or ask your question, and share with your teammates.


Once posted, teammates and coaches will see how you're feeling and have an opportunity to support you with notes of encouragement.

Over time, the progress feed reveals patterns of thinking, emotion, and behavior, making it easier to find ways to improve performance.

Tip: If you want to see specific details on action stats, click directly on the action progress bar or on the "actions" tab. 


Programs deliver videos, audios, and other media, and can assign actions directly to a client's action list. 


Program content gets delivered through "modules." A module is a group of material intended for completion in a single day. Module settings can allow clients to work ahead, or can be restricted to allow completion of only one module per day. 

Training content can be hosted directly in the Moon’s content library, or embedded directly into a module from services like Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook. 

Tip: Program content can be restricted based on a client’s subscription level. For example: a 10-day entry-level program might be free to all subscribers, whereas access to more advanced material might require a paid subscription and /or completion of previous courses.


The community area is where all members of a Moon Platform can interact, no matter their subscription level. 


Announcements is a coaches-only space for reminding the community of key dates, upcoming webinars or live events, and other community-wide communications.

Community messages allow anyone across the community to communicate in a single message feed.

When something new is happening in the community area, a red dot appears next to Community in the left menu. 

What’s next?

No introductory course is complete without a little homework!

🙋 If you're a client:

  • Sign up or sign in to your coaching platform
  • Set up an action list for yourself
  • Start a program, or work with your coach to customize your action plan
  • Stay accountable by checking in with your coach and/or peers every day

Another way to describe your action list is your growth list. It should include those things that you know you should do, but keep finding creative ways to to avoid 😬.

Would you like to journal every day? Drink more water? Finally have that difficult conversation? This is the list of items that you declare vital for you to grow the most.

👩‍💻 If you’re a coach or course creator:

  • If you haven't yet done so, sign up for a Moon Team subdomain
  • Create an action list for yourself, so that you see what your clients will experience
  • Invite colleagues in your organization to join you in testing out the platform
  • Upload content and create an entry-level program
  • Invite a few clients to test the system with you


Our support team is available to answer your questions! Just click on the live chat icon at Moon.Team to chat with us live. If we're not available, you can leave us a message, and we'll get right back with you. 

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