Since you’re already familiar with what The Moon is all about, we'll show you how to get started next. How you proceed depends on the way you’ll be using The Moon: either as an individual member or as the person who starts a new Moon Coaching Platform.

We’ve built guides to cover both paths, simply choose the route that’s best for you:

👉🏽   If you'd like to join an existing Moon.Team coaching platform, read on!
👉🏽   Or, if you want to start a new Moon coaching platform or learn how to manage one, hop over to our guide tailored to platform creators and admins.

Getting started for members

If you're looking to join a Moon coaching platform, you're in the right place. As a member, you'll be able to select a coaching plan, customize it for your own personal or professional growth, complete a daily action list and have conversations with your coach and / or peers about the experience. Onward! 

Step 1 — Join a Moon.Team coaching platform

There are two ways to join an existing Moon coaching platform:

  • Accept an email invitation to join. Open the email invitation, and click Login Now.
  • Sign up directly. Navigate to the Moon.Team subdomain for your coach and fill out the form under "register for free."

Find your coaching platform. Visit, enter your email address, and we'll show you a list of the coaching platforms you belong to.

Step 2 — Upload a profile photo

Upload a photo of yourself and let others in the community behold your beauty 😍. On desktop, click on "Edit Profile" in the lower left. On mobile, first click on the logo in the upper left to open the menu.

Desktop iOS Android
  1. Click on Edit Profile in the lower left 

  2. Select Edit Profile
  3. Click on Profile Image, then upload your image
  4. Click Save

Step 3 — Add your bio and vision board images

Write a few sentences that describe who you are and your goals, then upload images to your vision board. 

Your vision is where you declare to your team the goals that you are committed to making real. This is what they will hold you accountable to achieving. 

Desktop iOS Android
  1. Click on Edit Bio in the lower left

  2. Under bio, describe who you are and what your personal or professional goals are
  3. Under vision gallery, click "upload" to choose your image
  4. Click on an uploaded image to add a description

  5. Choose the focus point by clicking into the image

  6. Describe what this image means to you: the goal or outcome you want to achieve with the help of your team.

  7. Close the image gallery, then save your bio
  8. Click on your name in the upper left, then "My Vision" to see how your vision board looks


Step 4 — Add a few actions that align with your vision

Actions are the core of The Moon experience. This is the list of to-dos that will get you closer to your vision, and that your teammates will hold you accountable to.

    1. Click the blue plus (+) and choose "New Action."

    2. Give the action a title and optional description.
    3. Choose the repeat options. For one-time actions, choose "none."
    4. Click "save."

Step 5 — Add the app to your mobile phone screen

You can sign in and use The Moon from a web browser on your desktop at any time at But by adding the app to your mobile phone screen, you can stay signed in to your coaching platform and stay in sync even when you're on the move.

iOS Android

Follow the steps below, or watch this 20-second video.

  1. In Safari, navigate to your Moon Team URL. You must use Safari on iOS, it will not work on Chrome.
  2. At the bottom middle of the screen, click on the box with the arrow pointing upwards


  3. "Swipe" the bottom page section from right to left


  4. Click on the "Add to Home Screen" icon (the box with the +)
  5. Click "Add" in the upper right of the screen
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