Commit to Making Your Vision Real

Taking action towards life and work goals—and being accountable to taking action— is what the Moon is all about. Clients can set up their own actions, and coaches can add actions to their clients' action lists.

Create a New Action

Actions are the core of The Moon experience. This is the list of to-dos that will get you closer to your vision, and that your teammates will hold you accountable to.

    1. Click the blue plus (+) and choose "New Action."

    2. Give the action a title and optional description.
    3. Choose the repeat options. For one-time actions, choose "none."
    4. Click "save."

Tip: Use the description area for actions requiring more instruction. For example, you can add YouTube or Vimeo videos by pasting the URL into the "additional info" area. The Moon displays the video image within the action window, so that the video can be watched directly within the app.

Coaches: You can assign actions to clients directly in programs. Add additional instructions in the "additional info" area as described above. 

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