Mark Actions Complete or Incomplete

Completing actions gives you a way of tracking your coaching or training progress. Since coaches and peers who are a part of the same team are able to see one another's action lists, everyone stays accountable to everyone else for consistent progress.

Mark Actions Complete

There are three ways to mark an action complete:

  1. Click on the action circle directly


  2. Click on the message title, then click the "Mark Complete" button
  3. Click on the message title, then click on today's date in the calendar

Mark an Action Incomplete

To mark an action incomplete, simply click on the action circle again. You can also mark actions incomplete from the action detail screen by clicking the "Mark Incomplete" button.

Check or Uncheck Actions for Multiple Days

To check or uncheck actions for multiple days, first click on the title of the action to open the action detail screen. In the calendar, click to mark the days you completed the action.


Tip: On the action detail calendar, the color green indicates that you completed the action that day, orange means it was scheduled to be completed but wasn't done, and gray means it was not scheduled for that day. Stars are awarded for achieving run streak targets.

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