How are you progressing towards your goals?

The progress feed on your profile, and the progress feeds on your teammates' profiles, are the most-important areas of the entire Moon platform.

Conversations in the moon are intended to be primarily around individual people and the progress they are making towards their vision and goals

Update Your Own Progress

To update your own progress, click on your own profile picture, or on the blue plus (+), then "update progress."

At the top of your progress page, choose an emoticon to describe how you feel. Then jot down a few sentences that reflect on how things are going overall.

If you specifically want to ask for help from teammates, you can also click on the "hand" icon.


After updating your own progress, be sure to support your teammates in their progress.

Tip: You can update your progress multiple times throughout the day. When you have a breakthrough, or when you have a challenge, come here to share. 

Reflection is a proven method of learning from your own experience. For faster progress towards your goals, answer these two questions at least once per day: 1) What went well and why? 2) What could have gone better and why?  

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