Progress is a Team Effort

In addition to reporting on your own progress, your mission is to support your teammates in achieving their goals...since they are also here to support you.

How to read your teammate dashboard

The teammate dashboard at the bottom of your action list shows you team activity at a glance. Your teammates' profile pictures display emojis, checkmarks, warnings, and other icons that indicate what they've been up to:


😃 Emojis indicate how your teammate was feeling during his or her last check-in.

👋 A "raised hand" icon indicates that your teammate has a question or needs help.

⚠️ An exclamation means that your teammate hasn't posted any recent progress updates.

🗨️ A comment bubble means that a conversation is happening in your teammate's progress area.

✅ A checkmark indicates that you have already supported that teammate today. 

Like and Comment on a Teammate's Progress

When you click on a teammate's profile picture, you land on his or her progress tab. To support a teammate, you can "like" a progress post by clicking on the heart. If you want to send words of encouragement, just add a comment to a teammate's latest post.

Coaches and Mastermind Groups: Review teammates' and clients' progress feeds prior to meetings and calls for more powerful coaching outcomes.

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