Add Your Bio and Vision Board Images

Who are you, and what do you want to achieve?

Write a few sentences that describe who you are and your goals, then upload images to your vision board. 

Your vision is where you declare to your team the goals that you are committed to making real. This is what they will hold you accountable to achieving. 

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  1. Click on Edit Bio in the lower left

  2. Under bio, describe who you are and what your personal or professional goals are
  3. Under vision gallery, click "upload" to choose your image
  4. Click on an uploaded image to add a description

  5. Choose the focus point by clicking into the image

  6. Describe what this image means to you: the goal or outcome you want to achieve with the help of your team.

  7. Close the image gallery, then save your bio
  8. Click on your name in the upper left, then "My Vision" to see how your vision board looks

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