Progress Reporting Overview

Accountability Reporting to Help You Be The Best You

To help you stay on track, the Moon system tracks what you do—and don't do—over time.  In this article we'll cover:

  • Daily progress reports
  • Actions tab report
  • Participation score, and
  • Warnings

Daily Progress Reports

Every day at midnight, the Moon posts a report of the actions completed that day to your and your teammates' Progress feeds. 

Click on the date to see a more detailed report of the actions taken on that day:


In this example, I completed 7 out of 7 scheduled actions on September 27th. The star with the 5 next to it means that the action "Write for 60 Minutes" has a current "run streak" of 5 completions. In other words, I checked "Write for 60 Minutes" off of my list every day for 5 days and counting.

To see even more detail on a specific action, click on it to open the action detail screen. 

How to Read the Profile Actions Tab

The Moon emphasizes action for a very good reason: taking focused action over time inevitably leads to results. 

Your Profile Actions tab, and your teammate's Profile Actions tabs, summarize recent activity single glance:


total_completions.pngThe blue circle represents total completions all-time

14_days.png The series of dots represents days this action was completed (green) missed (orange) or unscheduled (gray) over the previous 14 days, with the most-recent day on the right.

Run_Streak.png An action with a star indicates an active, unbroken run streak. The star color is the level achieved beginning with orange, for 5 in a row.  The number represents the total number of days in a row for the current run streak. 

Recent_Miss.pngA red dot indicates that the action was scheduled to be completed recently but was missed.

Tip: Occasionally check in on your teammates' action profile tabs to see what they're doing well and what they're missing. Do their actions logically align with their stated goals and Vision Boards?

Participation Score

Everyone in The Moon has a "participation score," which is a combination of:

  • Actions completed
  • Reports to teams and coaches, and
  • Messages and comments

In other words, participation shows how much members are participating in the community.

Note: Currently, participation only rises, but we have plans to also decrease participation points if, for example, a member stops contributing.

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